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Drop Tactics – Cool Flyer Tactics Revealed!

10 days ago 3

In this Drop Tactics episode we discuss the general tactics to employ when using flyers and fast moving craft in Dropzone Commander such as aircraft, fighters and bombers.

Drop Tactics XLBS – Essential Anti-Air Tactics

10 days ago 5

So you’ve seen our General Tactica of Flyers & Fast Movers in Dropzone Commander but what if you want to swat these units out of the sky? Well this XLBS Edition of Drop Tactics will have you covered.

4Ground Jesserai Transportation System

4Ground Paves the Way for the Jesserai Transportation System

14 days ago 8
Weekender: Spartan Grabs Halo License & Bustin' Ghosts On Kickstarter!

Weekender: Spartan Grabs Halo License & Bustin’ Ghosts On Kickstarter!

16 days ago 81

Happy Valentines day! Hopefully you’re
spending this Saturday with loved ones
or  getting some hobby done, maybe
even a bit of both! This Weekender
we’re going to be talking about the
awesome news that Spartan Games
have grabbed the license to make
wargames for the Halo Universe!

    Download Dropzone’s New Changed 1.1 Command Cards

    17 days ago 1

    Hawk Wargames have made a few changes to the command cards for the UCM, Scourge, PHR and Shaltari in Dropzone Commander and have put up these new cards for players to download.


    Pre-order Dropzone’s New Special Characters For Battle!

    19 days ago 8

    The Special Commanders for
    Dropzone Commander have
    just gone up for pre-order
    on Hawk Wargames.

    Unboxing: 4Ground District XXII Hab-Block 7

    19 days ago 14

    We take another look at 4Ground’s Jesserai Urban Zone range designed for Dropzone Commander, this time it’s the District XXII Hab-Block 7 kit.


    Invasion 2015 – Open Weekend Live Blog!

    23 days ago 51
    Bolt Action Filming & Events Update

    VLog: Building a Bolt Action Gaming Table!

    26 days ago 36

    Andrew Chesney from Warlord Games has been in the studio this week for a mammoth Bolt Action filming session! We’re back into the World War II mood and we’re pretty happy!

    BoW Dropzone Commander Boot Camp 13th-14th March 2015!

    28 days ago 56

    Sold Out

    So it’s all settled! The wheels are in motion and we’re gearing up for an awesome Dropzone Commander weekend in March on the 13th and 14th!

    What New Mini are Hawk Bringing to Dropzone Commander?

    33 days ago 9

    Hawk Wargames may be gearing up to their open day and tournament, but they’re still working on bringing new stuff for us to gaze in wonder at as they put out a sneak peek in their latest news letter.

    Unboxing: 4Ground District I Bank

    33 days ago 6

    We’ve got another amazing looking kit from 4Ground! This time it’s the District I Bank, part of the Jesserai Urban Zone range designed for use with Dropzone Commander.

    Rise Out of the Underground Hangars of Dropzone Commander

    35 days ago 8

    Hawk Wargames have a new Dropzone Commander scenery pack up for pre-order. Defend the entrance to this Underground Hangar.

    Dropzone Commander - The Synergy of PHR Drones

    Drop Tactics – The Synergy of PHR Drones

    52 days ago 5

    We take a look at the Mercury Scout Drone,
    a PHR support unit which can assist infantry
    and help your army win
    scenarios in Dropzone

    Dropzone Commander - Utilising the UCM Praetorian Snipers

    Drop Tactics XLBS – Utilising the UCM Praetorian Snipers

    52 days ago 6

    In this XLBS edition we take a look at the UCM Praetorian Sniper Teams. A unit that can take up many subtle roles on the battlefield.