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Drop Tactics – How To Use The UCM Katana

30 days ago 8

For this Drop Tactics we take a look at how UCM players can effectively use the Katana Light Tanks in Dropzone Commander, a lighter alternative to the Sabre Battle Tanks.

Drop Tactics XLBS – How Armies Can Stop The UCM Katana

30 days ago 4

So you’ve seen us discuss tactics for using the Katana in Dropzone Commander but now on Drop Tactics XLBS we look into how you can stop this UCM tank dead in its tracks.

Weekender: AdeptiCon Live Blog & Deadzone: Infestation Kicks Off!

Weekender: AdeptiCon Live Blog & Deadzone: Infestation Kicks Off!

36 days ago 74

We had one hell of a weekend
last week with the Dropzone
Commander Boot Camp
but that doesn’t mean
we’re stopping!

Welcome to The

VLOG – Aftermath Of The Boot Camp!

39 days ago 27

The dust has settled after the amazing weekend of wargaming that was the Dropzone Commander Boot Camp and now it’s time for the BoW Crew to clean up and get ready for our next big events; Salute 2015 and the Bolt Action Boot Camp.

Eden's Path: Dropzone Commander Boot Camp Story

Eden’s Path: A Story from the Dropzone Commander Boot Camp

42 days ago 28

Eden’s Path, the slowly crumbling remains of a once great artistic city. The site of a doomed attempt to counterattack the Scourge invasion, the city has since been left to fall to pieces.

Dropzone Commander Boot Camp Day 3

Dropzone Commander Boot Camp Day 3

42 days ago 325
Discounts - Dropzone Bootcamp

Great Discounts to Celebrate Dropzone Commander Boot Camp

43 days ago 7
Dropzone Commander Boot Camp Day 2

Dropzone Commander Boot Camp Day 2

43 days ago 331

Dropzone Commander Boot Camp Day 1

44 days ago 308

So this evening kicks off the Dropzone Commander Bootcamp, brought to you by Beasts of War, Hawk Wargames & Army Painter.

VLOG: Getting The Lasts Bits Ready For This Weekend

45 days ago 34

Just a very quick update guys. We’re closing in on having the last parts of our Bootcamp Weekend ready to roll out. Safe journeys to everyone joining us, and if you didn’t make it we hope you enjoy our live blog coverage over the weekend.


VLOG: The Amazing 4Ground Feature Table

47 days ago 30

Wanna see a crazy beautiful
Dropzone Commander
Gaming Table?

Vlog – Even More Work on The Dropzone Boot Camp!

50 days ago 15

Just a quick one guys as the team keep working like crazy, to bring you a great weekend of gaming!

Weekender Myth 2.0 and Checking Out New Batman Rulebook

Weekender: Myth 2.0 & Checking Out New Batman Rulebook!

50 days ago 71

We’ve got loads to discuss including
the progress on the Dropzone
Commander Boot Camp & the
Batman Rulebook!

Hawk Wargames And AdeptiCon Bring Some Awesome Swag!

50 days ago 4

Adepticon and Hawk Wargames have teamed up to give those who are attending a really nice treat.

VLOG: Dropzone Commander Boot Camp Tree Surgery!

51 days ago 22

With the DropZone Commander Boot Camp now a week away were’re still working hard on our gaming boards. Today everybody is chipping in on basing our K&M tress which involves dipping into Justin’s nest-egg!