Dropzone December Shaltari Sneak Peek!

December 3, 2013 by brennon

Hawk Wargames are continuing their spate of previews with another one today, this time for the Shaltari Tribes. See what you think of this upcoming addition to the Dropzone Commander line-up.

Shaltari Sneak Peek

This mighty thing once again appears to subscribe to the belief that bigger is indeed better, something we have across each of the different advent previews we’ve seen so far.

I’ve always been a little bit undecided on the Shaltari myself as I like the aesthetic and the fact they remind me of the Elites from the Halo video games, but the Post-Human Republic are just too cool looking!

A few people have been thinking that this could be some kind of ground based gate technology for the Shaltari, but what do you think?

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