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Drop Tactics XLBS: Screaming At The Enemy

Drop Tactics: Buffing Scourge Allies With The Overseer


Learn about buffing your allies with the Scourge Overseer in your games of Dropzone Commander.

Drop Tactics XLBS: Screaming At The Enemy


The Raider is a Heavy Dropship for the Scourge carrying the devastating Screamer into battle with the single goal; to mess up your opponents infantry in Dropzone Commander.

A New Dropfleet Ship & Toothy Fauna Spring To Life From Hawk Wargames


Hawk Wargames has put together a few more teasers for you to enjoy in the run up to Christmas. The first of them is actually for Dropfleet Commander and features this UCM Santiago Class Corvette.

More Ships Take Shape For Hawk Wargames’ Dropzone & Dropfleet


Hawk Wargames continue to build on their Advent Calendar over on Facebook as they showed off two more sneaky peeks at what’s coming for both Dropfleet & Dropzone Commander.

Hawk Wargames’ Advent Continues With Big Guns & Big Beasts!


Hawk Wargames continue to share what’s coming for the future of Dropzone and Dropfleet Commander as they showed off some big guns and bigger beasts!

Hawk’s Dropzone/Dropfleet Advent Begins + Invasion Tickets Available!


We mentioned it during the Live Blog this weekend for the Dropfleet Commander Boot Camp but the advent season has begun from Hawk Wargames showing off some of the upcoming vehicles for both that and Dropzone Commander.

Dropfleet Commander: Demo Game - UCM VS Scourge

Dropfleet Commander: Demo Game – UCM VS Scourge


Battle It Out During The Night With A New Deep-Cut Dropzone Mat


Deep-Cut Studio has put together another nice new mat for those who want to battle it out in Dropzone Commander. See what you think of this Night Cityscape.

Drop Tactics: Bombarding the Enemy from Range

Drop Tactics: Bombarding The Enemy From Range


We’re learning about the unique Bombardment play-style for Dropzone Commander and how you might combat it…

Drop Tactics XLBS: An Orgy Of Violence From The Valkyries


We’re learning about the tactics you can use with the Valkyries on the battlefields of Dropzone Commander…

Weekender: Our Gift Guide For A Happy Hobbyist

Weekender: Our Gift Guide For A Happy Hobbyist


We’re delving into some awesome gift ideas for the hobbyist and gamer in your life plus much more!

Dropfleet Comander: Wave Three Unboxing - Space Stations

Dropfleet Commander: Wave Three Unboxing – Space Stations


Prepare for docking as wave three of the releases for
Dropfleet Commander brings us the Modular Space
Station Pack, containing the biggest sprue Hawk
Wargames have made to date!

The Color-ED Terrain Range By PlastCraft Expands To Dropzone Commander!


PlastCraft Games add to the ColorED collection with some amazing 10mm Dropzone Commander terrain!

Dropfleet Commander: Wave Two - Battleships

Dropfleet Commander: Wave Two Overview – Battleships


It’s time to fire up the big guns as we look at what
wave two brings to the table for Dropfleet Commander.
Battleships fit for an Admiral!

Drop Tactics: Creating Mayhem with Medusa's NanoTechnology

Drop Tactics: Creating Mayhem With Medusa’s NanoTechnology


Medusa is a complex lady who reigns death and destruction wherever she travels with her amazing ability to control nanotechnology and today we’re learning to use her!

Drop Tactics XLBS: Transporting Walkers With Njord Assault Dropships


Based loosely on the Poseidon Chassis which normally carries six walkers, this Njord Assault Dropship from Dropzone Commander only carries four so whats the benefit of using it in battle?

Drop Tactics: Firebirds Harassment Tactics

Drop Tactics: Firebird Harassment Tactics


The Firebirds are incredibly fast with a powerful sting in their tail, a deadly foe to face in Dropzone Commander.

Drop Tactics XLBS: Teleporting In Samurai & Ronin Walkers


The Ronin and Samurai are unlike any infantry on the table for Dropzone Commander and we have some neat tactics for them!

Drop Tactics: The Shaltari Leopard Stalks Its Prey

Drop Tactics: The Shaltari Leopard Stalks Its Prey


Today Simon is in the studio showing
off the Shaltari Leopard and the tactics
you can employ when it hits the table.

Drop Tactics XLBS: All Seeing Panther Warstriders


Simon talks with Warren about how to force your opponents to consider different movement patterns with the Shaltari Panter Warstrider.