D&D 5th Edition Sneak Peeks Start Drifting Out!

June 6, 2014 by brennon

Dungeons & Dragons has been drifting out onto the internet over the past few days with a number of different previews appearing showing off both the Starter Set and the upcoming Players Handbook…

D&D Starter Set

Starter Set Contents

First up we have this look at the first ever copy of the Starter Set to come off the production line! I liked the cover art before but I’m loving it more every time I see it. As well as that they also published the contents page of the Starter Set Rulebook so we can get an idea of just what is inside this set. It looks like some concise and easy to learn D&D rules for both newbies and veterans alike.

Players Handbook

As well as the Starter Set Mike Mearls himself drip fed this teaser of the inside of the Players Handbook onto the internet last night. It appears to show off the Warlock career (which is one I wouldn’t have thought would be in this edition) and some interesting bits and pieces on wild magic. I also like the style of artwork they’re going for here.

Are you excited?