Elemental Player Options and Map Pack from Wizards of the Coast

January 24, 2012 by brennon

With D&D-Next as its affectionately called on the internet becoming the main focus for Wizards of the Coast, its nice to see them still supporting the current Edition of the game with some new products.

Heroes of the Elemental Chaos

Heroes of the Elemental Chaos gets players more in tune with the elemental planes, while also unlocking new classes like the Elementalist and Sha’ir to level up into Paragon and beyond.

Haunted Temples Folding Map

The Haunted Temples map pack on the other hand is a set of 3 large gaming maps in full colour. Each details different temple locations and being double sided have a variety of uses. Saves on a lot of fiddling around with tiles or even drawing them out by hand.

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