GF9 Preview Monstrous New D&D Tomb of Annihilation Miniatures

September 12, 2017 by brennon

Gale Force Nine has been showing off what’s coming for Tomb of Annihilation as they support the release within Dungeons & Dragons. Of course one of their main focuses is on miniatures like this fellow…


Making waves first we have this fellow, Ras Nsi.

“Once a Chultan paladin, he was a Chosen of Ubtao and sworn protector of the city of Mezro. He later betrayed his oaths and was banished from the city. Becoming a vengeful warlord, Ras Nsi attempted to conquer Mezro with an undead army but was defeated. Rather than seek redemption, he sought revenge and was stripped of his god-given powers.

The undead horde, no longer under his control, spread throughout the jungles of Chult.”

The model is certainly very cool and gives you an arch-villain for your campaigns on the tabletop. You always need a good miniature for the big bad and you can’t really go too far wrong with an official miniature like this.

Other miniatures that are on the way in October and November include the Batiri Goblin Totem which is coming in October.


And, the Chultan Dinosaur Warrior who will appear on the tabletop come November.


As if that wasn’t enough the dangerously awesome Demilich Acererak will also be out by December as a welcoming Christmas present.

Are you going to be picking up some of these new miniatures for Tomb Of Annihilation?

"As if that wasn't enough the dangerously awesome Demilich Acererak will also be out by December..."