What Are Your Top Five Dungeons & Dragons Classes?

September 23, 2015 by brennon

Time for another bit of dungeon delving discussion! I’ve recently started running a Dungeons & Dragons campaign for 5th Edition and as we made characters for everyone I began thinking about what my favourite character classes were to play. There are loads of them out there but I tend to lean towards the classics…


D&D Paladin

I’ve always liked the idea of Paladins. The thought of playing a Holy Warrior where you’re connected to your God martially was always a fun prospect to me. Warrior Priests, Crusading Knights and more all come to mind when I think of Paladins.

What also appeals with this class is role-playing them when someone questions their faith or gives them pause for thought. I don’t play them as Lawful Stupid but it can be very interesting when they begin to be tempted away from a path they may have been on all of their lives.


D&D Bard

Another of my favourite classes to play in Dungeons & Dragons is that of the Bard. A lot of people tend to role-play characters in D&D that help them express a side of themselves they wouldn’t normally get to explore in real life.

A Bard allows me to be a bit more charming and open socially than I’d normally so that’s why they are one of my favourites.

Add to that the fact they tend to know a little bit about everything and are always around to help the party in some capacity means you have a nice helpful class. If you’re playing with the idea of co-operative storytelling then Bards are perfect for this.

You can come up with any number of interesting stories to help the narrative along.


D&D Wizard

A Wizard is an interesting class that I tend to consider very rarely but when I do I enjoy them immensely. Wizards give you a more bookish interest in the role-playing games you play and can be fonts of knowledge yet also unpredictable fiery balls of death.

I like the idea of trying to keep your power in check as a Wizard. They have a lot of dangerous spells at their disposal that could help the party or harm them.

This also ties into the fact that playing a Wizard can be entirely different from group to group because of the vast array of spells they get to choose from and master.


D&D Barbarian

A fighter tends to fall into a very specific role within the group but the Barbarians seem to have a bit more freedom. They are of course fantastic fighters but they also give you the option to have an alternative view on the world that others might not do, especially if you hail from more exotic or harsh climates.

I like the idea of them being tied into the ways of their ancestors and their Gods too. Also, it does help that they can smash apart foes quite easily with their hammers and axes in a frenzied rage.


D&D Ranger

I like playing Rangers with their beast companions. Ever since I saw the opening cinematic for World of Warcraft with the Dwarf and his Bear that has been my vision of the Ranger. Their tracking skills, being at home out in the wild, and having a keen eye when it comes to ranged and close combat make them really fun to play.

It’s also fun to see them enter a situation they aren’t happy with, usually an urban one, and have to adapt to life to fit a party and deal with no longer having such a solitary lifestyle.

These are my five favourite Dungeons & Dragons classes but I’m sure that you have many of your own. Comment below with your favourites as I can’t wait to see what strange picks some of you back from back in the annuls of Dungeons & Dragons history.

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"A lot of people tend to role-play characters in D&D that help them express a side of themselves they wouldn't normally get to explore in real life..."

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"I like the idea of trying to keep your power in check as a Wizard..."