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Durgin’s Paint Forge Travel With The Hunter Of Erdraz

69 days ago 3

Another wonderful Dwarven character has taken shape from the folks at Durgin’s Paint Forge. This time, they’re heading out to bring down big beasts with the Hunter of Erdraz.

Durgin Paint Forge Comes Up With A Stunning Dwarf Veteran

182 days ago 3

Durgin Paint Forge have shown off one of the models that has been coming to life on their computer screen. Here we have the Iron Crow Veteran.

“That, My Lad…Was A Dragon” Kickstarter Is a Stunning Must Have

421 days ago 4

You Elven army will never look more impressive than when they charge into battle with their fearless leader atop this massive dragon! Durgin Paint Forge has launched a really impressive Kickstarter, their “That, my lad…is a Dragon” project.