Greg & Izzy Bring Their Tank Expertise To Dust

June 24, 2017 by dracs

Dust Models have put up a new pair of heroes for pre-order to help the Allied forces in Dust; Greg and his canine companion Izzy.

Greg and Izzy

Greg is described as one of the greatest tank gunners to have ever lived. Now fighting in the Middle East as one of the Allied Desert Scorpions, he and his dog Izzy lend their expertise to their fellow tank and walker crews.

It seems that Greg will be a useful support character, able to boost his companions on the field, while Izzy cheers everyone up. Who can fail to love a dog that’s willing to join a tank crew?

Do you plan to pre-order this strange pair of Weird World War warriors?

"Who can fail to love a dog that's willing to join a tank crew?"