The Mickey & Alexsei Arrive As Premium Walkers For DUST 1947

March 14, 2017 by brennon

Adding to the world of DUST this week we have some new Premium Edition Walkers for both the Allies and the SSU. We’ll begin by looking at the Mickey,  a M3A2 Medium Combat Walker.


“Maybe the most recognisable walker on the planet today, the Mickey has given birth to a huge range of machines build on its rugged chassis. In the Pacific or the Middle-East, the Allies use a tropical version of the same chassis, whose main feature is an open top turret. The deadliest arsenal of the Mickey family stays the same.

It is presented here in the Operation Cerberus camo pattern, used during Winter 1947 in Southern England.”


This is a pretty nice looking Walker and I like the design which seems very grounded and stable – a good place to fire that rather mighty machine gun from and the turret cannon. As always with this range, they are painted up to be the same quality as you’re seeing here in these studio shots.

SSU Firepower

Matching the Mickey we also have the Alexsei for the SSU which is a KV-47K Light Gatling Walker.


“The “Aleksei” has an amazing firepower to deal with any enemy infantry, light vehicles, and aircraft. It can efficiently engage all enemy soldiers before they’re in range to reply. It is presented here in Zverograd camo pattern, as used by SSU forces around the Doomed City during Winter 1947.”


This is a chunky little thing that can deal with all manner of threats on the battlefield making it effectively an all-purpose walker to include within your SSU force. The positioning and style of the gatling gun arms works really nicely and you could imagine it chucking out a horrendous amount of damage on the battlefield.

What do you think of these two new premium walkers?

"As always with this range, they are painted up to be the same quality as you're seeing here in these studio shots..."