Website Exclusive Yukiko Fujita Brings The Big Guns To DUST 1947

June 10, 2017 by brennon

The world of DUST 1947 gets itself another fantastic character in the form of Yukiko Fujita who is carrying one hell of a sniper rifle into battle for the Imperial Japanese Navy.

Ensign Yukiko Fujita #1

Let’s learn a little more about this character which seems heavily inspired by anime…

“Ensign Yukiko Fujita is a Cadet of the Imperial Japanese Navy, currently undergoing combat training in the Operation Babylon area of operations. A superior marksman, she uses a specially designed Sniper Rifle to take down enemy officers and key personnel. She loves her time on the front and can’t wait for her “sisters” to come and join her to face the enemies of the Axis.

Ensign Yukiko Fujita #2

While from the IJN Faction, Yukiko can play within any Axis Army. She is presented here in her Babylon clothes, as used in the Middle-East circa 1947. Please note that this Premium version of Yukiko is exclusive to the website and can’t be found elsewhere.”

As you can see she isn’t quite kitted out for a standard combat mission but we’re assured it’s just because of the heat out there in the desert. She seems awesome and can actually play in an Axis army which is cool.

Additionally, she is also the premium figure so she comes painted to the studio standard that DUST 1947 use for all of their in-house models.

Will you be picking up Yukiko?

"She loves her time on the front and can't wait for her “sisters” to come and join her to face the enemies of the Axis..."