Armoured Infantry March Into Dust Tactics

July 18, 2011 by dracs

Fantasy Flight Games send out some new heavily armoured infantry into the fray of Dust Tactics.

For the Axis, the Heavy Recon Grenadiers.

These guys excel at taking out enemy units, their heavy armour allowing them to basically ignore small arms fire and shrug off most gun rounds as well. Then they can take apart the enemy with their own MG 44 zwei. although they’d probably struggle against a heavily armoured walkers, It is their ability to combat enemy troops that makes these guys so deadly.

For the Allies, we have the British 3rd Para Regiment, the “Red Devils”.

These boys can drop in and use there 60W phaser guns to combat any medium walker. If they get close enough, their rocket punch can tear through even the toughest armoured hull.