Gale Force Nine Bring The Big Guns To Bear In DUST

July 10, 2013 by brennon

Another awesome DUST surprise for you today from Gale Force Nine. If you’re in need of some fortifications then look no further than the Field Phaser Bunker/Strongpoint for the Allied forces…

Field Phaser Bunker & Strongpoint

This set comes with enough components to assemble it as either a duel phaser gun or heavy phaser gun as well as the crew to use it. It also makes a handy bunker for when you’re not using it as a gun emplacement.

Field Phaser Bunker & Strongpoint Components

As you can see it’s a pretty heavy duty piece of kit and with the range of deadly weapons on offer from all the factions it’s easy to see why you’d want to hunker down inside one of these. You are a bit of a target though if someone can get close enough!

Will you get one?