Start Monkeying Around With DUST’s Sturmaffe!

July 27, 2013 by brennon

Gale Force Nine are showing off more DUST models and this time they have gone down the road of the anthropomorphic with the Blutkreuz Pioneer Squad. See what you think of these massive monkeys!

Blutkreuz Pioneer Squad (Front)

Blutkreuz Pioneer Squad (Rear)

Now I like the two black haired Sturmaffe but I don’t like the one they have painted white in the middle! I would prefer to see them all painted in the same way with plenty of masks on. It makes them look all the more eerie!

I reckon that once you get past their ranged weapons you’ll have to deal with some deadly gorillas smashing you to pieces with those nasty jackhammers!

Will you be adding these to your German army?