Dystopian Legions Carries Out a Portable Death Ray

November 17, 2013 by dracs

Spartan Games have previewed the latest 3D renders for a new heavy weapons team being brought into Dystopian Legions.

Dystopian Legions Heavy Weapon Team

Dystopian Legions Heavy Weapon Team 2

Dystopian Legions Heavy Weapon Team 3

These elite commandos of the Covenant of Antarctica have brought with them a portable Heavy Radiant Energy Gun, a heavy weapon which is even more devastating than those carried by the Covenant’s Iron Men.

As with all the Covenant’s equipment, this heavy weapon is a suitably sci-fi piece of kit, its portable nature allowing the commandos to bring its formidable fire power wherever it is needed on the battlefield.

What faction do you field in Dystopian Legions?