September Saw Sister Clara Enter Eden

October 10, 2014 by dracs

Taban Miniatures have just published images showing off their new September releases which will now be to play in the world of Eden, including the rather strangely clad Sister Clara of the Black Order of the Matriarchy.

Sister Clara

Sister Clara

Sister Clara

We have made fun of chainmail bikinis before, but just wrapping some chains around your boobs? That cannot be comfy. Still, you can’t fault it for not being an interesting sculpt and there is definitely a lot of character to her. Strange, twisted, insane character.

The good sister is not only one to appear, as two other new minis have also been released.



The first of these two you might recognise as the new Nephilim that we previously saw some concept art of, and I think Taban have done a great job in realising the design. The second, however, is very new, and features a woman on a planquin wielding what looks like a TV aerial as a staff. I’m dying to know what her story is and will look forward to seeing the finished and fully painted model.

Which of these might you find wandering the world of Eden?

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