Taban Take You Through the Basics of Escape

June 4, 2013 by dracs

The Kickstarter for Taban’s board game Escape has already managed to reach its funding goal and to entice us in even further they have put out the first in what they have said will be a series of gameplay videos.

Escape Gameplay

This first video takes us through the cards and stats and how these are played out in the game. It also shows off an intriguing little attack miniatures can use, namely throwing boxes at one another. This suggests a cool, cinematic style of gameplay that will allow you to build an image in your mind’s eye of what exactly is going on down on the board.

Two new stretch goals have also gone up on the Kickstarter, both of which could appear in the box for Escape.



These two pieces of concept art promise very dramatic sculpts which should match well with the cinematic style of the game.

Have you chipped in for this Kickstarter? If you haven’t why not head over and check it out?