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Eleven Tree Captures Classic Historical Detail With Latest 1/30th Building

653 days ago 0

Eleven Tree Designs has captured a lovely piece of history with their latest building. The Cafe J Philippe Epicerie, in 1/30th scale, would be a welcome addition to any historical collector or gamer’s treasures.

Step Out Of Eleven Tree Designs’ Stasis Chamber

704 days ago 6

Eleven Tree Designs have shown off some more of their fantastic work with plastic over on social media. This time they focused in on the Stasis Chamber or Tech Coffin which you could imagine holds some strange A.I project in a game of Infinity…

New 15mm Warehouse Terrain From Eleven Tree Designs

729 days ago 0

Just imagine how awesome your tanks will look rolling out of their Warehouse on your game table! Eleven Tree Designs has a great new Large Warehouse for 15mm gaming.

Eleven Tree Designs Revamp Their Infinity Tokens

734 days ago 5

Eleven Tree Designs have revamped their Infinity Tokens, a pretty neat set as well, and hopefully they will pop up in their webstore before too long! Would you use these in your games?

Eleven Tree Designs Set Up Comms With New Terrain

742 days ago 3

Eleven Tree Designs continue to show off some impressive looking terrain for Sci-Fi tabletops. This latest preview looks at the Low Comms Platform that comes with some nice plastic components to make it pop.

New Sci-Fi Buildings Take Shape For Eleven Tree Designs

749 days ago 4

If you’ve been wanting a bit more Sci-Fi Terrain on your tabletop then see what you think of these pieces that are in development from Eleven Tree Designs. I reckon they’d be perfect for the likes of MERCS or Infinity…

Eleven Tree Designs Is Working On Sci-Fi Buildings For Their Line

770 days ago 3

Eleven Tree Designs has been hard at work on some new Sci Fi terrain pieces! These awesome looking buildings will fit quite nicely into your games, offering both vantage points and cover.

Build A 15mm Asian Shanty Town With Eleven Tree Designs

814 days ago 3

Eleven Tree Designs have shown off the work that’s going into making a range of 15mm Asian Shanty Town buildings that would be perfect for the likes of Vietnam. If you’ve been playing a bit of Tour of Duty for Flames of War then this might be worth a look…