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Dark Future Girls Get Stuck Into Gang Warfare From Elladan


Elladan have been tinkering away with their Dark Future range and come up with this gang of women for you to use in your gritty Sci-Fi games.

Elladan Unleash Their New Fur Clad Barbarians


Elladan has some new Fantasy Heroes for their collection each of them with a Barbarian theme.

Elladan’s Wildmen & Giants Arrive From The North


If you’re looking to expand on that collection of Wildmen that have come down from the North, ready for war, then these new miniatures by Elladan might be for you.

Elladan Show Off The Wild Foes Who Lie Beyond The Wall


Elladan has been working on some rather awesome models for those of you who like a bit of Westeros action on the tabletop. Their latest preview showed off some new models which have a bit of a wild side to them.

Elladan Shows Off New Fantasy Lord & Monster Hunters


Elladan has now released their range of Fantasy Heroes for you to use in your role-playing and skirmish games.

Elladan Reveals Their Monster Hunting Characters


If you’re looking to hunt down monsters then you might need the help of this pair of Monster Hunters from Elladan who had these created by Daydream Miniatures.

Elladan Create New Hideouts For Your WWII Troops To Hide In


Elladan have created some new pieces of terrain which allow you to add to the ruined cityscapes you’ve been planning for World War II.