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Megacon Is Running An Expansion For Emergence Event On Kickstarter

18 days ago 3

Megacon Games has a Mini-Kickstarter currently in progress for the next expansion for their space exploration game Emergence Event.

Weekender: Boot Camps, Salute Winners & Home Raiders Soon!

Weekender: Boot Camps, Salute Winners & Checking Out Emergence Event

584 days ago 75

Welcome back to The
Weekender that took
a bit of a hiatus last
week due to our
Salute coverage
which was
awesome but
very tiring!

Megacon Games Goes Into Deep Space With Emergence Event

609 days ago 2

Megacon Games has released their new deep space exploration game, Emergence Event.

Emergence Event Rules Emerge from MegaCon Games

878 days ago 1

MegaCon Games has posted to their website the near final rules for their upcoming game Emergence Event. The V.9 rules are available for download here and they let you review and make observations on them, posting to their forums.