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Empress Miniatures Now Selling 1898 Spanish Range

4 days ago 2

Empress Miniatures are now selling the 1898 Miniatures range of Spanish Infantry for use in both the Cuban War of Independence and the Spanish-American War.

Empress Miniatures Dive, Dive, Dive With Submarines!

46 days ago 13

Empress Miniatures has shown off the work going into their Submarines for your games on the tabletop in 28mm scale. Right now they are still at an early stage of production but they’re looking good!

Heads Up, New Add-Ons Incoming From Empress Miniatures

57 days ago 2

Empress Miniatures has put their heads together to give your modern troops more variety.

Empress Miniatures Calls In Some Italian Artillery

73 days ago 4

Empress Miniatures war machine keeps marching on and now they have an update Italian Artillery team.

Viet Minh Assault French-Vietnamese Paratroopers From Empress

80 days ago 1

Empress Miniatures ever expanding ranges now have more to offer from the First Indochina War.

New Highlander & Spanish Civil War Troops Report For Duty From Empress

100 days ago 2

Empress Miniatures has produced some more amazing historical miniatures, this time for some Inter-war Highlanders and Spanish Civil War soldiers.

Empress Miniatures Leads The Way With New U.S. Rangers

110 days ago 3

Empress Miniatures is stepping up their game with the release of the U.S. Army Rangers.

Hold Your Horses With New Minis From Empress Miniatures

129 days ago 1

Empress Miniatures continues to release some truly magnificent miniatures, that any historical gamer would be proud to own.

Clamber Into A Gaz Tiger Russian Humvee With Empress Miniatures

135 days ago 3

Empress Miniatures are adding to the range of Modern Warfare Era vehicles with the Gaz Tiger, a Russian Humvee that was big and mean. It doesn’t just transport your soldiers around either as it comes armed to the teeth.

Empress Releases New Soldiers For Spanish & English Civil Wars

159 days ago 9

Empress Miniature continues to offer some really nice miniatures for a variety of periods of time.

Empress Releases Some Impressive Modern Scenery

243 days ago 3

Empress Miniatures is adding some really nice items to their modern miniatures range and they are very tempting.

Empress Miniatures Trains Up New SAS Troops

255 days ago 4

Empress Miniatures have added some updated SAS miniatures to their modern collection.

Empress’ New Troops Reporting For Duty Just In Time For Salute

281 days ago Comments Off

Empress Miniatures is pulling out all the stops and ramping up production on new releases just in time for Salute.

Weekender: Infinity In 2016 & Organised Play

Weekender: Infinity In 2016 & Organised Play

336 days ago 54

We’ve got another great Weekender
for you today.

Carlos has been in the studio from
Corvus Belli and he has been sharing
thoughts on Infinity in 2016…

Empress Mount Up In Recce Vehicles & Bring Out The Grenade Launchers

337 days ago 11

Empress Miniatures have showed off some more Modern Combat miniatures that have dropped into their collection for both the British and the Americans. First of all they have some crews for the recce vehicles that you might be using to scout the landscape…