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1930′s British Soldiers Get Ready For War With Empress Miniatures


Empress Miniatures has now added some new British Soldiers into the mix from the period of the 1930′s. This set might be great for those looking to play out Early World War II battles but also theoretical engagements like Operation Sea Lion.

Modern Vehicle Crews Now Available From Empress Miniatures


Are you in need of some tank crews? Empress just might have the answer.

Empress Continues On The Spanish American War With 1898 Miniatures


Empress Miniatures continues to produce amazing miniatures for such a wide variety of historical events such as these soldiers for the Spanish-American War.

Empress Miniatures Crew Their U-Boat With Officers & More


Remember that super cool U-Boat from Empress Miniatures? Well, they’ve now begun work on the Crew that are going to be helming it across the seas and into combat.

WWII US Soldiers & Command Jeep Coming Soon From Empress


Looking towards the Late War period of World War II Empress Miniatures has previewed some of the upcoming US Troops and the Command Jeep which will be hitting their webstore soon.

Empress Miniatures Brings In Support For British Troops


Empress Miniatures is getting ready for Salute this weekend by showing some of the new goodies they will be bringing.

Trench Raiders & Jaegers Get Ready For War From Empress


Hitting your tabletop this month we have some new releases from Empress Miniatures in the form of new Mutton Chop World War One releases.

Weekender XLBS: Hobby Night Live Plans Afoot & Flames of War 4th Edition Tournament Chat!

Weekender XLBS: Hobby Night Live Plans Afoot & Flames of War 4th Edition Tournament Chat!


Dive, Dive, Dive! In Empress Miniatures’ 28mm U-Boat


If you’ve always thought about recreating some scenes from Indiana Jones or indeed planning evil schemes like a Bond Villain (or just like the idea of German U-Boats in 28mm) then Empress Miniatures have a new kit for you to play around with.

Empress Has New Offerings For The Indian Mutiny & Spanish-American War


Empress Miniatures continues to offer some amazing miniatures for a great variety of settings. Take a look at these new offerings.