New Tsuba WWII Romanians Added To Empress Line-Up

February 14, 2018 by brennon

Some new Tsuba Romanians have been added into the mix for Empress Miniatures’ collection of World War II soldiers. They have a number of new sets including command figures and plenty of troops.

Tsuba 28mm WW2 Romanians #1

The collection represents the Romanians in summer attire although the models would be suitable for all manner of conflicts including Odessa, Sevastopol and Stalingrad.

Tsuba 28mm WW2 Romanians #2

These painted miniatures that you’re seeing here were done by Andrew Taylor and show off just how these fellows might look on the tabletop.

As well as the range of troops which can be used to bulk up your collection, they also included some special weapons and such into the mix with machine guns for example.

Tsuba 28mm WW2 Romanians #3

As well as the light machine guns that you see here you will also be able to get your hands on a medium machine gun and light mortar team as well for some additional support.

Have you ever considered playing as the Romanians in your World War II games?

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"These painted miniatures that you're seeing here were done by Andrew Taylor..."