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Weekender: Tanks Galore & Chatting My Little Pony With Alessio

Weekender: New GF9 Tanks Game First Look & Hasbro My Little Pony RPG Interview

311 days ago 92

Welcome to The Weekender
where we’ve got some
interesting and quirky stuff
to talk about. That means
Tanks and…wait for it,
My Little Pony!

Euphoria Set Up A Crazy Game With Bad Born On Kickstarter

314 days ago 6

Euphoria Miniatures are on Kickstarter with a crazy and odd new miniatures game where clones are constantly fighting it out in a strange game show where when they die they are back again next ‘episode’. See what you think…

Euphoria Miniatures Continues It’s IndieGoGo Push

1282 days ago 5

Check out another one of the finished models for Euphoria Miniatures. Mycky looks like a crazy man and that’s great!

Euphoria Look To IndieGoGo To Get Their Game Going

1303 days ago 8

Check out some of the awesome figures that are coming out of the Euphoria Miniatures IndieGoGo Campaign.

A New Gem Of A Miniature From Euphoria?

1312 days ago 4

Check out some stunning work for both sculpting and painting when it comes to Euphoria Miniatures. How can you turn down an elemental skater punk and a bad ass looking robot?