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Hyacinth Games Adds A Sweet Ride To Swag Bags At AdeptiCon!

5 days ago 1

Not only are vehicles becoming available for the game, Wreck Age, one will be added to 1500 of the coveted Swag Bags at Adepticon! Hyacinth Games will have their Vehicle Kickstarter live at that time, and how better to spark excitement than by offering a glimpse at the goods?


AdeptiCon Talks Ep 04: Open Gaming & Bitz Trading

9 days ago 1

We get the low down from Doug Houseman, part of the team behind the Open Gaming & Bitz Trading aspect of AdeptiCon, about the abundance of terrain that’s going to be available for gamers at the event.

Adepticon XV Heralds The Return Of Paul Sawyer

9 days ago 7

The legendary, Paul Sawyer, is making his triumphant (at least we think it is) return to Adepticon this year as a special guest! Attendees can stop by for a chat at the Warlord booth while at the show to pick the brain of one of the industries most talented creators.

Adepticon To Host Regional Qualifier For 2017 Catan National Championship

10 days ago 0

Get ready to build roads, trade rock and grow armies in some epic games of Settlers of Catan at Adepticon next month! Players can compete in a regional qualifier for the Catan National Championship and see if they can move on to the Nationals at Origins.

AdeptiCon 2017 Behind the Scenes Chat

AdeptiCon Talks Ep 03: Behind The Scenes Chat With Organizers Hank & Matt

19 days ago 5

This time on AdeptiCon Talks, Dawn is joined in the US by Hank Edley & Matthias Weeks, organisers from the AdeptiCon Board Of Overlords.

Anvil Eight’s RexCon Diver Mini Joins The Adepticon Swag Bag

19 days ago 3

Anvil Eight Games has revealed a fantastic new addition to the coveted VIG Swag Bag for Adepticon this spring. Check out the RexCon Diver for the mysterious RezX for Aetherium!

Coveted Adepticon Dice Arrive In Red, White & Blue For 2017

23 days ago 3

Adepticon is celebrating its 15th anniversary and its final print run of the current design on their coveted lucky dice. Sang some Red, White & Blue Adepticon dice before they’re history!

Fantastic MDF Terrain From Laser Craft Workshop At Adepticon

26 days ago 5

Laser Craft Workshop will be on hand at Adepticon with a fantastic range of MDF 25-28mm terrain. Whether you play Sci-Fi, fantasy or wild west, they have you covered.

Adepticon Talks 2017 EP02

AdeptiCon Talks Ep 02: Halo Tournaments & More from Spartan Games

31 days ago 3

In this episode Dawn, one of our Dames of Games sits down for a chat about events for Spartan Games at Adepticon 2017.

Exclusive Bombshell Mini For Geek Nation Adepticon Attendees

41 days ago 5

Geek Nation Tours and Bombshell Miniatures have teamed up to deliver a special treat for their tourees at Adepticon this year. Have a look at the exclusive sci fi mini from Patrick Keith!

Loads Of Malifaux & More At Adepticon This Year

41 days ago 2

All things Wyrd & wonderful are ramping up as Adepticon is getting closer. The Malifaux community has loads of great events planned for the con this year and plenty of demos for you to check out!

X-Wing System Open Spoils Are For The Taking At Hoth (Adepticon)

47 days ago 9

If you plan on participating in the Hoth event of the X-Wing Open Series at Adepticon this spring, you can find yourself in possession of some fantastic X-Wing extras! Cards, tokens, templates and game mats are just a few of the goodies up for grabs in tournament play.

Show Your Gaming Spirit With Adepticon’s First Ever Cosplay Contest

62 days ago 10

Show your gaming spirit at Adepticon in cosplay this year for a chance to win fame, glory and fabulous prizes! Badger Airbrush and Eagle Ordinary have teamed up to sponsor the fun.

Adepticon Talks 2017 EP01

AdeptiCon Talks Ep 01: Games Workshop at AdeptiCon 2017 & 40K Events Details

66 days ago 4

Dawn from our US Studio chats with Christopher Mehrstedt and Brian Carlson, the 40K Event Organisers for AdeptiCon, about Games Workshop’s plans for the event in 2017.

The Adepticon 2017 Cart Is LIVE – Got Swag?

96 days ago Comments Off

Got swag? The 2017 Adepticon cart is live, which means if you’re going to score access to one of their coveted VIG swag bags or killer seminars and tournaments, you’d better act fast.