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AdeptiCon 2017 Day 4 Spread

AdeptiCon 2017 Live Blog – Day Four

120 days ago 47
AdeptiCon 2017 Day 3 Spread

AdeptiCon 2017 Live Blog – Day Three

121 days ago 49
AdeptiCon 2017 Day 2 Spread

AdeptiCon 2017 Live Blog – Day Two

122 days ago 47
AdeptiCon 2017 Day 1 Spread

AdeptiCon 2017 Live Blog – Day One

123 days ago 63

AdeptiCon 2017: Joey McGuire, Author Of This Is Not A Test

125 days ago 8

We’re getting together with Joey McGuire who was inspired by the game Fallout III to create the awesome game of This Is Not A Test.

What Would You Like To See At Adepticon This Weekend?

126 days ago 20

Dawn & Gianna will be live blogging from Adepticon in Schaumberg, IL this weekend and would like to hear from you. What games would you like to hear more about? Do you have questions for a particular company? Let the gals know and they’ll chase it down for you at the con.

New Dark Age Starter Set & Events from CMoN at AdeptiCon 2017

130 days ago 7

We’re talking with Bryan Steele from Cool Mini or Not about the new releases from Dark Age.

Frequent The Drink Carts At AdeptiCon And Score A Copy Of DrunkQuest

130 days ago 1

What if you can make a game about a drinking game? That’s exactly what Ninja Division and Loot Corps have done at Adepticon by awarding a copy of DrunkQuest to the folks that manage to fill a punch card at the drink carts over the weekend!

Wyrdness In The VIG Swag Bags At Adepticon

132 days ago 6

Wyrd is adding to the VIG Swag at Adepticon again this year with another of their fantastic Mystery Boxes! If that wasn’t cool enough, VIG’s will also get an early look at the Neverborn’s Will O’ The Wisps.

Super Dungeon Explore Loot In The Swag Bags At Adepticon

137 days ago 1

There’s always room for more chibi cuteness, which is why Ninja Division and Soda Pop Miniatures are including some in the Swag Bags at Adepticon. Check your bags for some awesome minis from the Von Drakk Expansion for Super Dungeon Explore!

Snag A GCW Combot For Bombshell’s Counterblast At Adepticon

138 days ago 4

Bombshell Miniatures is bringing something BIG to Adepticon this month. Some lucky folks that get to the stand early may be the first the pick up an 80mm GCW Combot for their upcoming edition of the Dieselpunk Sci-Fi game, Counterblast.

Announcement Stirs Excitement For GW Studio Preview At Adepticon

140 days ago 27

Not only is GW going to have significant presence at Adepticon this year, the GW Studio Preview is shaping up to be an absolutely mic drop. Check out why Warhammer community has said it’s “The one thing you don’t want to miss,” at the show.

Firelock Games Drop A Buccaneer Miniature In The VIG Bag At Adepticon

144 days ago 6

Firelock Games has added something special to the VIG swag bags at Adepticon this year. Each bag will contain their Buccaneer miniature, inspired by the art of the legendary Howard Pyle.

Hyacinth Games Adds A Sweet Ride To Swag Bags At AdeptiCon!

153 days ago 1

Not only are vehicles becoming available for the game, Wreck Age, one will be added to 1500 of the coveted Swag Bags at Adepticon! Hyacinth Games will have their Vehicle Kickstarter live at that time, and how better to spark excitement than by offering a glimpse at the goods?


AdeptiCon Talks Ep 04: Open Gaming & Bitz Trading

157 days ago 1

We get the low down from Doug Houseman, part of the team behind the Open Gaming & Bitz Trading aspect of AdeptiCon, about the abundance of terrain that’s going to be available for gamers at the event.