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The Adepticon 2017 Cart Is LIVE – Got Swag?

12 days ago 0

Got swag? The 2017 Adepticon cart is live, which means if you’re going to score access to one of their coveted VIG swag bags or killer seminars and tournaments, you’d better act fast.

Games Workshop To Host Studio Preview Seminar At Adepticon!

17 days ago 22

Big news from Adepticon, heading into the registration cart going live this coming Monday. Games Workshop will be running numerous seminars at Adepticon this March, including a Studio Preview Seminar revealing the Summer 2017 releases!

Less Than One Week Until The Adepticon Cart Goes Live!

19 days ago 1

There’s less than a week until the Adepticon cart goes live and we can register for all the great events they have to offer. Whether you are a die-hard tournament player, a casual gamer, hobbyist or spectator – there is something for everyone to do over the fantastic four days.

Adepticon To Host The Hoth Open For Fantasy Flight Games’ X-Wing

26 days ago 2

X-Wing players should be excited to hear the news that Fantasy Flight Games has designated Adepticon as the Hoth Open again this year for the X-Wing System Open Series!

Adepticon 2017 Registration Opens Nov 21st With A Lower Badge Cost!

33 days ago 3

It’s nearly registration time for Adepticon 2017! This year features a new, lower price point badge cost, making the 4 day con one of the best deals out there! And don’t you worry, there’s still swag options to be added on.

Adepticon 2016 Live Blog Part 4

AdeptiCon 2016 Live Blog – Part Four

245 days ago 19

We’ve had some insane goings on over four days of epic gaming goodness at AdeptiCon and it continues even now! Come and tell us what your favourite bits of the Live Blog have been so far…

Adepticon 2016 Live Blog Part 3

AdeptiCon 2016 Live Blog – Part Three

246 days ago 22

Phew, there has been a lot going on hasn’t there! Dawn & Gianna continue to delve into AdeptiCon looking for secrets!

Weekender: Prodos Revolutionising Mini Casts & New Firestorm Taskforce

Weekender: Prodos Revolutionising Mini Casts & New Firestorm Taskforce

247 days ago 263
Adepticon 2016 Live Blog Part 2

AdeptiCon 2016 Live Blog – Part Two

247 days ago 17

We continue the awesomeness this week at AdeptiCon as Dawn & Gianna continue to get stuck into what’s going on at this HUGE event in the USA!

Adepticon 2016 Live Blog Part 1

AdeptiCon 2016 Live Blog

247 days ago 30

It’s time to get stuck into the craziness that is AdeptiCon 2016. Come and join our US Team as they experience this huge event!

DGS Games Announces The Trilian Stargazer Available At Adepticon

250 days ago 4

DGS Games is adding some magic to the world of Freeblades with the Trilian Stargazer. This fellow will be available at Adepticon this week and is sure to add some wonderful spells and abilities to your adventuring party.

CoolMiniOrNot Adds A Fantastic Annual To The VIG Swag For AdeptiCon

251 days ago 2

The VIG Swag Bags for Adepticon are getting heavier and even more awesome, courtesy of CoolMiniOrNot. This year’s coveted bag will include one of CMON’s amazing annuals, featuring the stunning works of the uber-talented folks that submit works through CoolMini.

Weekender: Exclusive Halo Ground Command Interview & Flames Of War Heads To The Pacific

Weekender: Exclusive Halo Ground Command Interview & Flames Of War Heads To The Pacific

254 days ago 183

Welcome to the Weekend of Halo Ground Command, The Hunt For Red October Board Game and Win yourself a big Battlefront Premium Painted Terrain prize!

Arrrrrrrh! The Pirates Are Returning To AdeptiCon Next Week

255 days ago 9

Arrrrrrrh! Ye scallywags! The pirates be returning to Adepticon next week for more pillage and plundering in the Fist Full of Seamen game. Now’s your chance to command your own ship and crew and see which side of the law you land in this immersive and exciting adventure on the high seas.

AdeptiCon Talks Ep 12: Fantasy Flight Games At Adepticon

258 days ago 1

Hey guys, with only a week to go we’re pumped and ready for AdeptiCon. I’ve got the organisers with me again this week to talk about a special feature in this years event. Fantasy Flight Games are setting up gaming hubs all around the world and there will be one at Adepticon.