Beasts Of War Journey To Gen Con 2013!

August 13, 2013 by brennon

Gen Con 2013 kicks off between the 15th and 18th of August at the Indiana Convention Centre and it’s just around the corner. Beasts of War couldn’t obviously miss out on this massive event and so we have sent a roving reporter to make sure we soak up all the awesome.

Gen Con 2013

Our very own community member and all round nice guy wildchevy (click the link and make friends with him!) is going to be rushing around getting shots of all the shiny stuff on offer. Maybe you could even meet up with him yourself!

But for those of you who are heading to Gen Con we thought we’d help you out with a few bits of information to make things easier. The first thing that I think most people will be heading for is the Exhibitors Hall and you can check out the map HERE to find your company.

Practically every company you could think of is going to be there from Fantasy Flight Games and with their myriad selection of role-playing games and board game to Mantic, GCT Studios (the guys behind Bushido), MERCS Minis and Wizards of the Coast, to name a few!

Malifaux - Miss Step

Dark Age Firecaste

As a heads up don’t forget that Malifaux is returning for its 2nd Edition at Gen Con and the deliciously evil looking Miss Step is going to be at the event as their big model of the year. Dark Age are also relaunched with their 2013 rules set and the Firecaste will be out in force.

There is plenty more to see and do including participation games and on the 17th there is a dance of the living dead! Zombies cavorting around to music can’t be missed.

Information for arriving at Gen Con 2013

Gen Con Attendee Information

If you’re going to the event and have a company or game that you’re itching to see, drop it in the comments below!

Have fun!