Gen Con Gridwalk!!!

August 20, 2012 by atomsmasher

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Adam has been busy all weekend filming, blagging interviews & having a look at some of the latest and greatest from the world of TableTop Gaming, but before we get to that its time for Adam to take us on a tour of Gen Con 2012!!!

Cue the Grid Walk!

Gen Con Gridwalk!!!

To visit any of the sites featured by Adam in this video just follow the links below:

Battle Foam
Crystal Caste
Heavy Gear
Dwarven Forge
Fantasy Flight Games
Flames of War
Free Blades
Hirst Arts
The Miniature Bulding Authority
Posthuman Studios
Privateer Press
Steve Jackson Games
Something Positive (Webcommic)
Gale Force 9
The Game Crafter
Troll & Toad
Universal Fighting System
Wargames Factory
Warlord Games
Z-Man Games