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Fate’s Fortune Expansion Hits Kickstarter For Secrets Of The Lost Tomb

347 days ago Comments Off

Everything Epic keeps finding clever ways to make Secrets of the Lost Tomb even more exciting. They now have the Fate’s Fortune expansion on Kickstarter, which offers more content, characters, and even an additional variation to spice up the game play!

Everything Epic Launches The Elite Missions Kickstarter

396 days ago 2

There’s never been a better reason to don your Indiana Jones hat and take off on an adventure! Everything Epic has a great Kickstarter running to add another level of fun and challenge to your game in their Secrets of the Lost Tomb: The Elite Missions Kickstarter.

Secrets of the Lost Tomb, A Kickstarter Miniatures Adventure

820 days ago 5

Secrets of the Lost Tomb is on Kickstarter for a second visit with improved miniatures and an opportunity to get in on the original Kickstarter once more! This game captures the cool variety in the pulp world and brings it into a board game.