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Everything Epic Teases Big Trouble In Little China Is Getting Closer

3 days ago 9

By the looks of things, we’re getting closer to Big Trouble In Little China! Everything Epic is showing off some exciting box art and another character for the game headed this way over the summer.

Wing Kong Six Shooter Strolls Into Big Trouble In Little China: The Game

31 days ago 2

“When the earth quakes, the poison arrows fall from the sky, and the Golden Six Shooters show up on the scene…you know you’re in BIG TROUBLE.” Everything Epic is showing off their latest awesome sculpt for their upcoming Big Trouble In Little China: The Game.

Thunder Joins The Three Storms For Big Trouble In Little China

47 days ago 6

Soon players will be able to take on the pop culture ride of Big Trouble In Little China in a table top board game from Everything Epic. They’ve delivered another fantastic movie likeness in the sculpt for Thunder, the third Storm.

Rain Is In The Forecast For Big Trouble In Little China

54 days ago 2

The next Storm has been revealed for Everything Epic’s upcoming Big Trouble In Little China Board Game. Check out the awesome sculpt for Rain.

Everything Epic Shows Off Lightning For Big Trouble In Little China

61 days ago 10

Get ready for a wild ride from Everything Epic as they area ramping up activity for their much anticipated, Big Trouble In Little China Board Game. This week they are showing off one of the Three Storms, where Lightning is sure to strike!

Everything Epic To Publish The Terrifying Coma Ward Tabletop Game

144 days ago 1

What would you do if you found yourself in a derelict hospital, with no memory of who you were or why you were there? Everything Epic will be delivering this concept in a tabletop board game through the vision of David Lott in Coma Ward via Kickstarter in 2017.

Fate’s Fortune Expansion Hits Kickstarter For Secrets Of The Lost Tomb

500 days ago Comments Off

Everything Epic keeps finding clever ways to make Secrets of the Lost Tomb even more exciting. They now have the Fate’s Fortune expansion on Kickstarter, which offers more content, characters, and even an additional variation to spice up the game play!

Everything Epic Launches The Elite Missions Kickstarter

549 days ago 2

There’s never been a better reason to don your Indiana Jones hat and take off on an adventure! Everything Epic has a great Kickstarter running to add another level of fun and challenge to your game in their Secrets of the Lost Tomb: The Elite Missions Kickstarter.

Secrets of the Lost Tomb, A Kickstarter Miniatures Adventure

973 days ago 5

Secrets of the Lost Tomb is on Kickstarter for a second visit with improved miniatures and an opportunity to get in on the original Kickstarter once more! This game captures the cool variety in the pulp world and brings it into a board game.