Power Up The Tactical Hardsuits From Evil Bear Wargames

August 6, 2015 by brennon

Evil Bear Wargames is a small operation based out of Bristol in the UK and they have not only got some neat models with the Bear Tactical Hardsuits but also a miniatures game of their own, OSC: Part One – Skirmish.


The Bear Tactical Hardsuits are a supplementary model for their near-future game. Standing at 42mm tall and used for 28mm scale wargaming they are used by the soldiers of OSC as point guards, helping them on patrols.

Bear Tactical Hardsuit

Model-wise I think they have a nice functional design. While nothing ‘flashy’ by mech-suit standards they look like they’d do the job, armed with heavy machine guns.

Bear Tactical Hardsuit (In Action)

As you can see they look like they fit right in with the appearance of military tech of the moment. I imagine it’s not going to be long until this kind of technology IS seen on the real battlefields of today and tomorrow.

OSC Rules

The rules for their game might sound a little bit odd to begin with, especially when you read about alternate timelines and trans-dimensional travel. However, at the heart of it the game is a modern warfare system.


Mechanically the game is meant to be very streamlined for tactical play and there is an emphasis on player action pushing the game forwards. It would be interesting to hear more on this game as a potential modern warfare system.

What do you think?

"While nothing 'flashy' by mech-suit standards they look like they'd do the job, armed with heavy machine guns..."