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Make Your New Army Bow Before Evil Craft’s Chaos Lord


Evil Craft has now released their dark and dangerous Chaos Lord to rule over your army on the tabletop and whips them up into a frenzy before battle.

Evil Craft Create Chaos With New Jet Packs


A new menace is rising on Kromlech’s webstore as Evil Craft create a new set of ornate Chaos Jet Packs for the future forces of evil.

Evil Craft Power Up Their Chaotic Laser Cannon


Evil Craft have powered up another heavy weapon for their range of Sci-Fi miniatures. This time around its the Chaotic Laser Cannon Gunner who will be taking aim and destroying armour from range…

Evil Craft Arm Your Warriors With New Weapons


Evil Craft have raided the armoury of the far future and handed out some new weapons to your warriors…

Evil Craft Summon Demons With Their Chaotic Sorcerer


Summon dark spirits and cast deadly psychic abilities on the tabletop with the addition of the Chaos Sorcerer to Evil Craft’s range of Sci-Fi soldiers.

Evil Craft Throw Their Sci-Fi Chaos Warriors Into Close Combat


See what you think of this new Close Combat squad for your Chaos warband thanks to the folks at Evil Craft.

Slice & Dice With Evil Craft Chaos Chain Sabres!


If you need some more bitz and pieces for getting up close and personal then see what you think of these Chain Sabres from Evil Craft!

Avoid Rolling 1′s With Evil Craft’s Upcoming Plasma Rifles


See what’s heating up with the folk at Evil Craft as they preview some Plasma Rifles for your chaos forces coming soon.

Evil Craft Lock & Load Their Corrupted Autocannons


It’s time to get those heavy weapons sorted and Evil Craft have the answer with these Autocannon kits.

Evil Craft’s Chaos Marines Upgrade To Heavier Weapons


See what you think of this heavier weapon from Evil Craft coming soon to your Chaos army.

Evil Craft Provide The Side Arms For Your Chaos Warriors


It’s time to lock and load some new weapons thanks to Evil Craft and their Chaotic Pistol range.

Evil Craft Bring Together Their Chaos Squad Bitz


Do you think you’ll want to pick up the new Chaos Squad from Evil Craft? What would you use the bitz for?

Evil Craft Arm Themselves For Futuristic Combat


Evil Craft have added some chaotic arms to their collection of bitz. See about re-arming your miniatures with their other bitz too!

Evil Craft Finish Off Dark Soldiers With Spiky Legs


Evil Craft put some legs on their Dark Warriors of the far future. What do you think of these spiky folk?

Evil Craft Get Your Dark Servants Kitted Out


Evil Craft have plenty for you to check out when it comes to crafting and kitting out your Dark Servants. See what you think of their bitz.