4Ground Preview Halgar The Blacksmith For Fabled Realms

January 19, 2018 by brennon

4Ground has shown off another preview for Fabled Realms. This time we get another Dwarf to check out (yay!) with Halgar using his hammers to cast some Dwarven Battle Magic.

Halgar - Fabled Realms

As a member of the Adventurer’s Guild this fellow can be taken in any warband that will take him as they fight against the darkness of the Druggoi Covens.

Monstrous Beasts

Whilst we’re talking about the Druggoi we also got to take a look at The Terror in more detail, the massive beast that will be rampaging across tabletops destroying villages and more.

The Terror #1 - Fabled Realms

As we mentioned before the model is looking stunning and it’s great to see some of the larger creatures from their world making it to the tabletop.

The Terror #2 - Fabled Realms

It looks like you’re going to be able to get a few options for hands (holding flaying innocents) and also a snarling face too as an alternative.

What do you make of the new previews?


"As a member of the Adventurer's Guild this fellow can be taken in any warband..."