Sci-Fi RPG Faith Does Away with Pen and Paper!

February 23, 2015 by dracs

A new Sci-Fi RPG has appeared on Kickstarter with an interesting gameplay mechanic that does away with the traditional focus on pen, paper and dice.


Faith takes place in the far future in a galaxy locked in a cold war between two highly advanced races, with humanity stuck in the middle and struggling to survive. Players can choose to delve into this conflict, or go out and explore space through the Labarynth, a series of wormholes connecting the different star systems.



The most intriguing part about Faith is its approach to gameplay. Rather than the traditional method of having players constantly sifting through piles of papers, Faith does everything with cards. Character boards give you the layout for your character, while gear cards show all the stats for the various equipment they will be carrying.

Character Boards

Dice have also been done away with, as players instead each draw from their own deck of cards. These are specialised poker cards, featuring the awesome artwork detailing the world of Faith.

Player Decks

Players can then use these cards to improve their chances when overcoming challenges, adding an extra tactical element of resource management to the game.

As a big fan of pen and paper RPGs, Faith promises an intriguing new role playing experience. There seems to be a lot going on with this game, all of which comes together to make the experience both unique and immersive. Hopefully, it will do well on Kickstarter and we will soon get to experience it for ourselves.

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Thanks to wallofiron for letting us know of this.

"Faith promises an intriguing new role playing experience."