Fallen Frontiers Help Choose Your Hero & New Campaign!

November 25, 2014 by brennon

Scale75′s Kickstarter for Fallen Frontiers is still going well and powering on past the $90,000 mark. Currently they are looking to fund both Magnus and Alexander and after that their own downloadable campaign…


Kicking things off we should take a look at an interesting addition to the Harvesters that is Alexander…

“Alexander opened his right eye. He was sitting on the deck of the Wallenstein and everything was pretty blurry. In a few seconds he realized what the situation was: he had fallen in combat and was now kept alive by the Harvester technology built into his body. The harvester patrols that wandered around the ship ignored him, and so he could make his way to the main deck where he hoped to find some answers to what was happening.”


One of the other heroes on the way is the deadly Virus for the Harvesters…

“I am fascinated by the behavior of the artificial intelligence that are the Harvesters, and how they handle their “exceptions “. Take this subject for example, Virus, one of the most dangerous of these beings. We theorized that he had a deadly and highly contagious disease when he suffered the assimilation process. However, and even though he is a danger to the rest of the Harvesters troops, he is kept with special care only for his ability to spread the disease within enemy ranks. It’s as if the possibility of increasing the lethality of this being justifies risking their own army. An entire platoon could end up infected by disease if he made a false step or a poorly coordinated maneuver, but of course… that does not usually happen in the Harvester ranks.”

…and running alongside the appearance of these new heroes we have the news that Scale75 are going to be letting you choose which heroes appear in your pledges!

Choose Your Hero

Which means that even if you prefer one faction you could always have a few heroes from other factions to paint up if they took your fancy. Heroes are certainly going to be the focus of the campaign that will also be unlocked called Tharken 17!

Tharken 17 Campaign

“The Tharken 17 campaign book serves as an introduction to the Fallen Frontiers background and to its gameplay. It features all 4 races in a struggle for survival and domination, with simple tutorials and a narrative campaign to help new players on their journey into the Fallen Frontiers universe.”

It’s all shaping up very nicely for Fallen Frontiers with a whole bunch of factions to choose from, some great sounding rules, amazing miniatures and even a campaign to get you absorbed with their world.

Have you jumped on board?