New Hammer Wielding Stretch Goal For Fallen Frontiers

November 19, 2014 by brennon

Scale75′s Fallen Frontiers Kickstarter is going well and they’ve got their sights on two different stretch goals coming up soon. As well as unlocking card backs and a Painting DVD they’ve also got another Operator for Ares ready for action…

Silver Card Backs & Painting DVD

Hank Operator 323

I’m interested in the Painting DVD but the idea of getting a massive hammer wielding brute like Hank on your side does appeal. Big tank-style characters are really up my street and I like characters in games who can take a whole bunch of damage before dealing it out in kind once they get up close and personal.

Bianca Carlson

As well as the stretch goals the folks at Scale75 have put together a bit of a bio on another of their characters, Bianca Carlson. See what you think…

“In Sayx society, where each individual comes into the world pre-programmed for a specific task, it is unusual for a citizen to leave the easy road and try to get through the effort of learning about a field that is not his. That is the case of Bianca Carlson.

Bianca had always been small for her age, skinny and slim, virtues that are not usually good for a soldier. Life at the academy was quite difficult and even though she managed to endure the training just like her more rugged companions, soon she had to start using her ingenuity to pass tests than other members of the academy performed merely with physical strength. The tricks and ingenuity applied by Bianca allowed her to finish her training as a Sayx soldier, but were not enough to pass the final test which exceeded her physical abilities.”

…another quite cool character for the Sayx faction.

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