The Weekender: Jungle Fighting & Journeymen!

August 3, 2013 by dignity

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Hey guys and welcome to another Weekender! This time around we have actually got a hold of the new Lizardmen models and we are having a look at them (I for one really do quite like these new Warhammer Fantasy models – BoW Ben)! As well as that you might have noticed we have some different jungle fighting coming in the shape of ‘Nam Week.

The Weekender: Jungle Fighting & Journeymen!

The Journeyman League is also in full swing and with the Warmachine one coming to an end soon they are moving onto Dystopian Wars very soon!

On top of that there’s masses of news about Firefly: The Board Game, those gorgeous Infinity Bootleg miniatures and plenty more too. Don’t forget to check out the links below for a snap shot of this weeks content.

Just a quick sorry as one of the mics wasn’t too happy during recording!

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Convergance Battegroup: Catilleon D – Youtube


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Keep gaming!