Explore The World Of Fallout With Modiphius & A New Miniatures Game!

April 24, 2017 by brennon

Fallout: Wasteland Warfare is on the cards in the near future from the folks at Modiphius. Responsible for the likes of Achtung! Cthulhu and role-playing games for Conan and Infinity this crew are stepping out of the vault into the wastelands.


So far we know that the miniatures are all going to be in 32mm scale and seem to be drawn from the look and feel of Fallout 4. There will also be a series of PvP, Co-Op and Solo tabletop games you’ll be able to play out which sounds fascinating indeed!

Character Previews

We got a look at some of the characters making their way to the tabletop in more detail including the Sole Survivor and Dogmeat here…

Sole Survivor & Dogmeat

When you’re playing through the solo adventures and such this might indeed be the character you pick up. You can also battle it out with some of the factions in Fallout with the likes of the Paladin for the Brotherhood of Steel.


Or maybe even the rampaging Supermutants who I have to say must be a lot more to play as right?


Hopefully, we’ll find out more about this in the coming weeks and months but does this have you excited?

Will you be exploring the wasteland with Modiphius?

"There will also be a series of PvP, Co-Op and Solo tabletop games you'll be able to play out..."