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Fantasy Arc Will Be Showing Off Elven Terrain At Adepticon

154 days ago 8

Fantasy Arc will be at Adepticon this weekend with their lovely elven terrain! Just think of the beautiful fantasy tables you can make in the trees with these 28mm MDF buildings.

Weekender: Our Gift Guide For A Happy Hobbyist

Weekender: Our Gift Guide For A Happy Hobbyist

263 days ago 64

We’re delving into some awesome gift ideas for the hobbyist and gamer in your life plus much more!

Fantasy Arc Shows More Progress On Their Wood Elf Settlement

266 days ago 10

Fantasy Arc has created an absolutely lovely Elven settlement. You can just picture a settlement, nestled safely alongside river, high in the trees!

Fantasy Arc Shows Off Their Ethereal Elven Staircase

302 days ago 8

Soon you’re Wood Elves will be able to take an ethereal spiral staircase to their lovely treehouses. Fantasy Arc has really brought some beautiful details into their WIP Wood Elf terrain.

Fantasy Arc Shows Off A Cool Twist On Their Wood Elves Treehouses

313 days ago 9

Would you like to create a elven paradise up in the trees on your game table? Fantasy Arc has come up with some really great ideas to make modular pieces to surround trees on the tabletop.

A Stunning Home For Your Wood Elves From Fantasy Arc

327 days ago 10

Fantasy Arc has released some teaser pictures for a really lovely house for Wood Elves! They felt it only right that they get a dwelling as elegant as they are.

Fantasy Arc Shows Off A Lovely Train WIP

546 days ago 3

If you’ve been thinking of adding a train to your game table, then Fantasy Arc might have a project that you should keep your eyes on. They’re working on a passenger locomotive and station that looks to have plenty of character and details to add something special to your table.

New Bug Hunt Corridor Options From Fantasy Arc

692 days ago 5

Fantasy Arc some some great new pieces in their Big Hunt Corridor terrain. Now your sci fi teams can explore even more rooms to discover what lies behind each turn.

Fantasy Arc Shows Off Some More Stunning 10mm Buildings

713 days ago 4

Your 10mm city table is about to get a beautiful rebuild. Fantasy Arc is getting ready to launch a new line of 10mm buildings, their MicroClad Tens, to add some stunning architecture to your table.

Fantasy Arc Brings Two New 10mm Buildings To The Table

740 days ago 3

If you’re on the market for some fantastic looking 10mm terrain for your table, then take a look at Fantasy Arc. They have been listening to gamers and made some stunning pieces to add to your city.

Fantasy Arc Is Working On Expansions For Their MicroClad Metropolis

782 days ago 2

Fantasy Arc is working on new Habilitation Blocks to add to their MicroClad Metropolis. So far there are three new buildings in the works and they will be available soon to expand your city.

MicroClad Metropolis – New 6mm City Terrain From Fantasy Arc

792 days ago 2

If your table is in need of some new 6mm terrain to set the scene, then Fantasy Arc may have just what you need! Their MircoClad Metropolis is a full line of city must haves to bring your urban games to life.