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Knights Of Ren: 4/07 – Roger Roger


Legacies spoilers are all over the place and we invite our guest, Rebel Grey to come and discuss so many new cards and deck ideas on this week’s show.

FFG Announce Rotation & Organised Play Support For Star Wars: Destiny


Fantasy Flight Games has been spilling the beans on what’s going to be happening with rotation in Star Wars: Destiny.

Developing Your Settings In FFG’s Genesys Role-Playing Game


Exploring the way in which you build your settings is the key focus of Fantasy Flight Games’ newest article on Genesys.

FFG Previews The M12-L Kimogila Expansion Pack For X-Wing


The Scum get some new firepower for X-Wing!

Knights Of Ren: 406 – Our Cruisers Can’t Repel Firepower Of That Magnitude!


The new errata has been released and we sit down this week to discuss all the major changes and how that will affect the Star Wars Destiny meta.

FFG Take Heroes From Game Of Thrones CATAN


Fantasy Flight Games have been showing off A Game of Thrones CATAN: Brotherhood Of The Watch. Their latest focus is on the hero cards which have been thrown into the mix.

The King In Yellow Comes To Arkham Horror In Echoes of The Past


Fantasy Flight have released the latest Mythos pack for the Arkham Horror Card Game. It’s time to take in a show and delve into the history of Arkham as you play through the Echoes of the Past.

FFG Releases New Star Wars: Destiny Rules Reference


Fantasy Flight Games has announced the next release of the Star Wars Destiny Rules Reference. It hopes to create a balance in the Force!

Knights Of Ren: 4/05 – Utinni!


Rivals has been announced and we sit down to talk all about draft and sealed Destiny. Drafting is not new to card games, but adding in dice and 6 packs for draft or 8 packs for sealed makes for some unique ways to play the game.

New Expansion Vehicles On The Way For Star Wars: Legion


New expansion packs are on the way from Fantasy Flight Games in the new year for Star Wars: Legion. This time we’re seeing some vehicles hitting the market after the main game goes live.

Asmodee & Fantasy Flight Form New Studio For Digital Board Games


Exciting news from Fantasy Flight Games and Asmodee as the two tabletop gaming companies are coming together to form a new digital board game studio called Fantasy Flight Interactive.

Weekender XLBS: Making A Games Workshop & WizKids Baby

Weekender XLBS: Making A Games Workshop & WizKids Baby


Grab a towel because we’re about
to give birth to another XLBS!

Knights Of Ren: 4/04 – Cassian Said I Had To


Drafting and Sealed events were announced this week with the new Rivals draft expansion coming from FFG and we discuss our own sealed events.

Delve Into Adventure With Fantasy Flight’s Legacy Of Dragonholt


Fantasy Flight Games have given us some more details about their new adventure game, Legacy Of Dragonholt.

FFG Announce Star Wars: Destiny Draft Set, Rivals


Fantasy Flight Games has announced a new set of releases for Star Wars: Destiny with their Rivals kit

Knights Of Ren: 4/03 – Let The Past Die. Kill It, If You Have To


Last weekend we saw four premiere events across the world and a lot of decks made their way into the top 8 cut of each tournament.


Weekender: Vote For BoW Awards & FFG Gets Aggressive


Justin interviews Sherwin and Steve from Steamforged Games and we get an exclusive sneak peek at the next Guild Ball model you’ll be fighting over!

Jedi & Sith Clash With New Hero Packs For Star Wars: Imperial Assault


Fantasy Flight Games has now released three new packs for Star Wars: Imperial Assault. You can now pick up Darth Maul, The Emperor & Ahsoka Tano.

FFG’s Aggressive Release Schedule Hitting For Legend Of The Five Rings


Legend Of The Five Rings from Fantasy Flight Games might only have just come out but you’re going to have to contend with a whole lot more cards very soon as they announced their aggressive Six Week release window for the entire first cycle, the Imperial Cycle.

Star Wars: Destiny Looks Ahead To New Legacies Sets


Fantasy Flight Games are looking ahead to new horizons when it comes to Star Wars: Destiny. Slated in the coming months we have Legacies, a new series of booster packs AND Starter Sets for you to get stuck into this game.