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Star Wars: Destiny Holocron PDF Rules Packs Now Available


Star Wars: Destiny now has its Holocron Rules Packs available for you to download in PDF form from Fantasy Flight Games.

Star Wars Legion & We Need You! - Adepticon Talks 2018

Star Wars Legion & We Need You! – Adepticon Talks 2018


Adepticon 2018 is coming!

Tie Up Those Walkers With FFG’s Star Wars: Legion T-47 Airspeeder


Countering the AT-ST that we saw yesterday from Fantasy Flight Games for Star Wars: Legion, we have the T-47 Airspeeder which is going to be an essential addition to your Rebel force.

Learn AT-ST Tactics With New Expansion For FFG’s Star Wars: Legion


When it comes to scale, the folks at Fantasy Flight Games have certainly got it right with the massive AT-ST Expansion for Star Wars: Legion.

Weekender XLBS: Welcome Back & Win Yourself A Mythic Battles Typhon Pledge!

Weekender XLBS: Welcome Back & Win Yourself A Mythic Battles Typhon Pledge!


Let’s get 2018 started with
some XLBS goodness!

European Championship & Grand Kotei Tickets Coming Soon For UKGE


Available on Sunday 28th January, the UK Games Expo will put live the tickets for Fantasy Flight Games’ European Championships and the Grand Kotei Event that will be taking place over the 1st – 3rd of June 2018.

Return To Where It Began With New Arkham Horror LCG Expansion


Terrinoth Sourcebook On The Way For FFG’s Genesys


Fantasy Flight Games has announced that there is a Sourcebook coming up for the Genesys Role-Playing System that focuses in on the Realms Of Terrinoth as their Fantasy setting of choice.

Legacies Release Date For Star Wars: Destiny Announced


Fantasy Flight Games announced that the release date proper for Star Wars: Destiny and Legacies has been set for February 1st.

Become A Vampire As Fantasy Flight Preview Blood Bound


Fantasy Flight Games have a new party game of political intrigue and vampiric backstabbing up for pre-order and have just presented a preview of Blood Bound.

Weekender: Exclusive! River Horse's Super Secret Project Revealed

Weekender: River Horse EXCLUSIVE & Win A Dark Age Starter Set


River Horse reveal their next
big project coming in 2018!

Head To Hoth With FFG’s Snowtroopers & Veers For Star Wars: Legion


Fantasy Flight Games has previewed another of the expansion units for Star Wars: Legion. This time they are heading to the frozen planet of Hoth with their Snowtroopers.


Weekender: Preparing For Alien Invasion! Chronicle X & BoW Studios Defence


We’re talking alien invasions and Chronicle X in the studio today!

Plus, John will also be putting together a very different VLOG series to carry you through the Christmas period so watch out for that!

Run Last Click! Android: Netrunner Revised Core Set Now Available


Android: Netunner and its Revised Core Set is now available for you to snap up from Fantasy Flight Games.

New Previews Hit For Star Wars: Destiny’s Legacies Set


Star Wars: Destiny gets itself a new set of cards soon with the Legacies release. This brings in some awesome new cards, and some quirky ones too, mixing up the Destiny world.

FFG Taking The Lord Of The Rings LCG To The Digital Realm


Fantasy Flight Games are going to be adapting their successful LCG for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game into a digital adventure as part of their Interactive arm.

Star Wars Legion Events At Adepticon 2018


Adepticon 2018 is shaping up to be a Star Wars feast for gamers! Star Wars Legion from Fantasy Flight Games will be ready to delight fans and hopefully encourage new gamers to make the jump into the hobby through a number of events at the convention.

The Weekender XLBS: Warren's Christmas Horn & Legacy games are da bomb!

The Weekender XLBS: Warren’s Christmas Horn & Legacy games are da bomb!


Shield your eyes as
Warren gets his horn out!

Knights Of Ren: 4/09 – Breathe, Just Breathe


Regional season is in full swing after PAX Unplugged and we discuss R2P2 and the other decks you should expect to see when going to your regional events.

Investigate The Sanctum of Twilight In Mansions of Madness


Fantasy Flight Games have a new expansion for Mansions of Madness up for pre-order. It’s time to lift the veneer of Arkham’s upper crust and investigate the Sanctum of Twilight.