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Let's Play: Star Wars Legion - Carbonite Cargo

Let’s Play: Star Wars Legion – Carbonite Cargo


Jabba’s favourite wall-hanging is on the move!

Mother’s Embrace Takes FFG’s Mansions Of Madness Digital


Building on the success of the new edition of Mansions Of Madness, Fantasy Flight Games are going to be bringing Mother’s Embrace, a new computer game based on the Cthulhu board game, to your PC in 2019.

FFG Preview New Lord Of The Rings LCG Pack, The Withered Heath


Fantasy Flight Games are taking you on a new adventure for The Lord Of The Rings: The Living Card Game. Firstly, in the Ered Mithrin Cycle, we have The Withered Heath which has you fighting against a deadly beast!

New Star Wars: Destiny Binder Designs On The Way Soon


Fantasy Flight Games has designed three new Star Wars: Destiny Binders for you to use as you collect together masses of dice and cards for their big collectable game.

Your Star Wars: Legion Projects!

Your Star Wars: Legion Projects!


We take a look at loads of your Star Wars: Legion projects in the forums – share your own work too!

FFG Give You Tactical Tips With A General Veers Star Wars: Legion Preview


Fantasy Flight Games has been delving into some of the additional tactical options that General Veers brings to the tabletop for Star Wars: Legion.

FFG Detail Game Of Thrones LCG Intro Decks To Get You Started


Fantasy Flight Games are aiding those who are looking to get into the Game Of Thrones: The Living Card Game with some new Intro Decks for the various factions.

Become A Fully Operational Engineer In Star Wars: Age of Rebellion


Fantasy Flight Games have released the new Engineer focused sourcebook for Star Wars: Age of Rebellion, making sure everything is Fully Operational.

Weekender: Core Space Late Pledges + Fun With What A Tanker!

Weekender: Core Space Late Pledges + Fun With What A Tanker!


Come and join us for The Weekender
where we’re going to be taking a slice
through the tabletop gaming hobby to
check out what awesome stuff has been
going on this week.

Knights Of Ren: 5/12 – You Hide Your Fear Well


We are a month away from Worlds and that menas it is time to start testing decks, talking about matchups and figuring out what we want to play.

Han Shoots First + Rebel Commandos In Star Wars: Legion Previews


Commander Han Solo and a group of deadly Rebel Commandos have been drafted in as future releases for Star Wars: Legion in new previews by Fantasy Flight Games.

Weekender XLBS: Creating The Perfect Escalation League; Your Feedback & More!

Weekender XLBS: Creating The Perfect Escalation League; Your Feedback & More!


Join us for more hobby rambling and more as we delve into Weekender XLBS with you awesome Backstagers.

Weekender: UK Games Expo's Weird & Wonderful Events + Perfect Blood Red Skies Mats!

Weekender: UK Games Expo’s Weird & Wonderful Events + Perfect Blood Red Skies Mats!


It’s the Weekend!

Star Wars: Legion Now Available! Which Side Did You Pick?


It has been a long wait for many but Star Wars: Legion is now available for you to snap up from your local retailers by Fantasy Flight Games.

Knights Of Ren: 5/11 – Nobody Is From Nowhere


Fantasy Flight Games released nine new cards from the new set Way of the Force. The team is back and we talk about each card in detail and what impact they might have on standard, trilogies and limited formats.

FFG Teams Up With AdeptiCon For Exclusive Star Wars: Legion Cards


Star Wars: Legion will no doubt be the talk of the con at Adepticon this week and Fantasy Flight Games is making the experience even more special with Exclusive Fully Armed & Operational alternate art promo cards for participants in the Legion events!

Awesome New Mats For Lord Of The Rings: LCG Fellowships To Enjoy!


Fantasy Flight Games are certainly doing nothing to quell my love of Middle-earth right now. Two friends and I have been playing through their Lord of the Rings: The Living Card Game and, well, loving it. So, we were overjoyed to see they had created five new gamemats for use with the game.

Fantasy Flight Take Star Wars: Legion To The Desert On New Gamemats


Fantasy Flight Games are heading to the desert for Star Wars: Legion with two new gamemats up for pre-order.

Way Of The Force Named As Next Big Star Wars: Destiny Release


A new set of booster packs are coming your way as part of Way Of The Force, a new expansion to Star Wars: Destiny that will be throwing all-new dice your direction.

Exclusive Promo Activation Card For Star Wars: Legion Available At AdeptiCon


AdeptiCon and Fantasy Flight Games are gearing up to make this years convention one to remember.