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Griff Oberwald & A Snarling Rat Ogre Hit The Blood Bowl Pitch

13 days ago 15

Forge World has released two new big players for your games of Blood Bowl on the tabletop. First off we have the dashing looking Griff Oberwald who has dropped his famous winged helm to make sure the crowd know who he is…

Puppets War Unleash More Wild Beasts Onto The Fantasy Football Pitch

22 days ago 6

If you like your Fantasy Football players with a bit of a wild side then the next two previews for Puppets War might be right up your alley. See what you think of their Rat Ogre and Minotaur designs.

Puppets War’s Ultimate Player Appears On The Pitch

31 days ago 1

Puppets War have revealed the first render for their upcoming Ultimate Player.

The Draconian Team Hits The Fantasy Football Field From Willy Miniatures

36 days ago Comments Off

Previously available via Kickstarter, the Draconian Team from Willy Miniatures is now available for you to pick up as a new Fantasy Football team.

Puppets War Preview Their Own Fantasy Football Teams

44 days ago 1

Puppets War previewed what they have in store for Fantasy Football lovers. These pieces of concept art popped up showing off a variety of different races.

The Heralds Of Winter’s Moon Join The Guild Ball Fun

48 days ago 9

Revealed yesterday, Steamforged Games showed off a new addition to the Hunter’s Guild in Guild Ball. See what you make of the Heralds Of Winter’s Moon.

Make The Big Blood Bowl Plays With Forge World’s Mighty Zug

54 days ago 9

Forge World continue to grow their Blood Bowl range with the addition of Star Player, Mighty Zug, to the pitch.

Snap Up New Battle Foam Blood Bowl Kits To Keep Teams Safe

79 days ago 2

While Battle Foam already does a Foam Tray Kit for your nice new copy of Blood Bowl they have also heard the whispers from the community and have designed a new Foam Kit which works specifically with the new set from Games Workshop.

Play On A Dwarven Fantasy Football Pitch With Dark Ops

97 days ago 4

Dark Ops has previewed their new Dwarven Fantasy Football Pitch which will be available soon, giving you more options when it comes to playing out your games on the tabletop with eager teams!

Watch Steamforged’s Keynote On Guild Ball & More

113 days ago 26

Steamforged Games has uploaded the Keynote Speech from SteamCon allowing you to catch up with everything that was announced over the weekend including news on the Farmer’s Guild!

Flat Minis Put Together Their Fantasy Football Teams

114 days ago Comments Off

Flat Minis has put together a team of Fantasy Football players for both Orcs & Humans. If you’re looking for a way to get out of painting models then maybe this could be a good avenue for you.

Steamforged Kick Off! Guild Ball Starter Set Coming Soon

116 days ago 22

As a heads up, remember that Steamforged Game’ Kick Off! Starter Set for Guild Ball is on the way soon with a release within the next week or so.


Weekender: Epic Kickstarters Go To War!

117 days ago 50

Join us for The Weekender today
where we’re unveiling the winners
of Hobbyween and diving into a
mighty battle on Kickstarter!

Battle Foam Set You Up With A New Bag For Your Blood Bowl Teams

121 days ago 1

Designed to carry the components of the new Blood Bowl Boxed Game, coming out this week, Battle Foam has designed a new Fantasy Football Bag which is looking rather handy indeed!

Blood Bowl Pre-Orders Begin November 12th

136 days ago 23

This coming weekend marks the start of pre-orders being taken for Blood Bowl meaning that we could see the game released by Games Workshop on the 19th November!