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Weekender: Amazing Conan Unboxing & Kickstarting The Small Terrain Studio

Weekender: Amazing Conan Unboxing & Kickstarting The Small Terrain Studio

13 days ago 59

Games Workshop Unbox The New Blood Bowl & Show Off The Teams!

15 days ago 58

Blood Bowl is back and will be coming soon to the tabletop thanks to a new boxed game by Games Workshop.

New Veteran Players Limber Up For A Game Of Guild Ball

52 days ago 7

Steamforged Games have added two more players to their releases for Guild Ball this month. We’re looking at more Veteran Players taking to the field with both Velocity and Siren.

Willy Miniatures Prepare Draconian Fantasy Football Team For Kickstarter

65 days ago 3

Willy Miniatures have shared images of the new Draconian Fantasy Football Team that is coming to Kickstarter soon. If you fancy your Fantasy Football stars with scales and spikes then this could be the team for you.

The Masons Of Guild Ball Get New Player – Wrecker!

95 days ago 5

The Mason’s Guild from Guild Ball by Steamforged Games are going to be getting themselves another smashing player with the addition of Wrecker to their roster. See what you make of him.

Willy Miniatures’ Team Dwarfs Kick Off At Kickstarter

102 days ago Comments Off

Willy Miniatures have returned to the playing pitch of Kickstarter to kick off their new fantasy football team of dwarf players.

New Blood Bowl & Adeptus Titanicus Sneak Peeks Pop Up From Forge World Open Day

102 days ago 18

Drawing from the Battle Bunnies Blog which were at the Forge World Open Day this past weekend we got a look at some neat new previews of what’s on the cards.

Summon Up Magical Power With Greebo’s Savonarola

148 days ago 5

Greebo Games have previewed some more of the miniatures that are in the works as part of their Un-Renaissance Kickstarter.

Impact Show Off New Fantasy Football Elves & Frogs

151 days ago 2

Impact Miniatures have shown off some Fantasy Football teams that are going to be leading the way for a Kickstarter campaign for the beginning of June. Here we have two of their prospective teams.

Kekonomicon Get You Set For Fantasy Football Wherever You Are

163 days ago 4

Everyone is getting into the Fantasy Football mood at the moment and Kekonomicon are on Kickstarter right now looking for funding for their BlitzZone Set.

Play Fantasy Football In Style With Pro Box By Iron Golems

177 days ago 6

Iron Golems have taken to Kickstarter with a rather nifty looking product called the Pro Box. This allows you to transport your Fantasy Football teams around and then set up a brilliant pitch for you to play out your latest game…

Snap Up The Hunter’s Guild & New Players For Guild Ball

233 days ago 7

I love the aesthetic of the woods and the wilderness and I think the models look great with all manner of stitched together animal leathers and furs.

Weekender XLBS: The 2015 Awards Breakfast

Weekender XLBS: The 2015 Awards Breakfast

236 days ago 48

Warhammer World Share Some Ace Blood Bowl Teams

238 days ago 13

As you might already know, Games Workshop and Warhammer World are going to be running a Blood Bowl tournament this year. Yes, I’m not kidding you!

The Hunter’s Guild Gathers For Steamforged’s Guild Ball

241 days ago 4

Guild Ball welcomes another team soon which is popping up all over social media in various places. We’ve managed to find one of the pieces of artwork for Hearne but you can find additional characters over on their Facebook Page and more…