Fancy Some Celebratory FUMBBL Block Dice?

November 21, 2012 by brennon

Do any of you guys play FUMBBL? Ah what is FUMBBL you ask, well it’s an online version of the Blood Bowl board game using a Java client and they now have a Kickstarter set up to get yourself some Celebratory Block Dice

FUMBBL Block Dice

These dice have been created with the graphic from the computer game etched onto their surface. It’s quite a distinct style and will certainly stand out on the tabletop. A ‘set’ consists of three dice, and while a $20 dollar pledge does seem a little much it does come with other benefits.

FUMBBL Screenshot

Also if you haven’t yet checked out FUMBBL, please do, its a fantastic project that gives you a seriously fun Blood Bowl fix. Above you can see a screenshot of what the game is like featuring my team of Dwarfs (naturally) Ivaldi’s Sons!

Let me know if you have teams on FUMBBL!