Greebo Bring Snakes and Penguins to the Field. Wait, What?

September 20, 2012 by dracs

Greebo have been hard at work bringing two new teams to the field of play. These teams seem to be showing that when it comes to fantasy football, few have more fantasy than Tutatis.

First up we have a team of hard bitten (or is that frost bitten) nordic types.

Greebo - Sno Team

All right, you might say, those are pretty awesome. They have a nice variety of dynamic sculpts and the yeti at the back looks particularly awesome. But what’s so special about them? Well check out this player.

Greebo - Pingoo

He’s Pingoo, the Berserker Penguin! This guy is available only during the pre-order period, but look at him! He’s a penguin! With a sword! Called Pingoo! Ok, his beak might be a little off, but man I want this guy. He’s a Penguin playing fantasy football!

But of course, it isn’t just Pingoo which caught my eye. Those of you who have read my articles for a while may know that I have something of a love for anthropomorphic lizard people. Well once again Greebo are feeding that particular love of mine with previews of a new snake team.

Greebo - Nathraca

Greebo - Nathraca Cobra

Greebo - Shiktu Priest of Sacrifice

These guys are a great addition to the Tutatis line up, with the imposing Cobra figure and the guy catching the ball with his tail being particular favourites of mine.

However, these guys don’t quite tickle my fancy enough to replace the frog team as my favourite of the range. The faces of the two female snake players in particular are somewhat of putting in my opinion.

Yet these are still really good 15mm sculpts, which I would love to see fielded on the football field. I doubt anyone wants these guys slithering towards their scoring line.

So guys, Sno or Snakes? Would you use Greebo’s mighty nordic team, or the wonderful group of slithery sportsmen?

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