Chapter House Unleash a Scaly Slaughterer

November 12, 2012 by dracs

Chapter House have added a new fantasy style miniature to their range. This one is a truly cold-blooded killer.

Chapter House - Lizard Ogre with Club

Chapter House - Lizard Ogre with Axe

Chapter House - Lizard Ogre Back

This is the Lizard-Ogre, an alternative to the Kroxigor miniature provided by Games Workshop.

These sculpts are a lot more muscular in appearance, as well as being more crocodilian, especially with the back scales. However, it lacks the more ferocious aspects of the Games Workshop miniatures.

As a Lizardman player, I personally would be hesitant to use these as I think I prefer the actual Kroxigor miniatures. However, one thing I might do is use these as the standard Kroxigor and use the Games Workshop one as a unit champion, or even as the ancient Kroxigor hero mentioned in a previous book.

Would any of you place Chapter House’s Lizard-Ogre in your army or dungeon?