Check Out Tehnolog’s New Werewolf & Orc Fantasy Kits

April 3, 2013 by brennon

Tehnolog are a Russian company that create miniatures and toys, and while their website is hard to navigate without the aid of translation there are some gems on there, especially when you look at their newest Fantasy Set

Fantasy Orcs , Werewolves and Egyptians

Orcs, Werewolves & Egyptians

These appear to come in around the 28mm scale mark and look like great models for use in role-playing or as alternatives for the tabletop. Check out what they look like unpainted.

Unpainted Scale Comparison

They are quite well detailed too from what you see here and interestingly they stand well without the need for basing either. They might be a big chunky but would make awesome Ogres and Gnolls for D&D.

What do you think of them?