Mr. Dandy Shows How Scary the Forests are at Night

June 8, 2012 by dracs

Mr Dandy has previewed some new terrain pieces which could be appearing on your board soon.

First there is this volcano piece.

Mr Dandy - Volcano

This piece could create a nice volcanic landscape, in conjunction with some other pieces, for both sci-fi and fantasy settings. Also, depending on how you paint the lava, it could be great for a truly diseased landscape, utterly corrupted and repulsive where the land itself has erupted into boils.

Then we have this new Oak Lord. It will take more than an axe and a shout of timbre to deal with this terrain.

Mr Dandy - Oak Lord

This guy will make for a great center piece  for a dark fantasy table. Maybe its a Treeman twisted by the forces of chaos, or the presence of the Beastmen and their vile magic has seeped into the very forest itself.

What do you think of these pieces from Mr Dandy? What might you use them for?