Dark Sword Reveal Their New Heroic Animals and Adventurers

April 25, 2012 by brennon

Dark Sword Miniatures are back to the grindstone bringing you more amazingly painted miniatures. Check out their new released below and see if there’s one you fancy picking up…

Steampunk Guinea Pig

Marmot Warrior

Field Squirrel Rogue

First up lets check out the awesome animal miniatures from Dark Sword. Once again they have bridged the gap between comical and awesome in these miniatures. Makes you really want to get into some anthropomorphic role-playing games with these models and play at being Martin the Warrior!

Male Ranger with Bow

Male Bard with Lute

Amazon Warrior with Sword & Shield

Female Fighter with Long Sword

But if you’re looking for something more heroic and human then how about these models for you to try out you’re painting skills on? Great clean cut models with nice distinction between areas on them. Amazingly well painted as well too which just makes you want the model even more!

Jon Snow & Arya Stark Diorama

But if you would prefer something for Game of Thrones, Dark Sword Miniatures don’t disappoint. This is a diorama of Arya Stark and Jon Snow and could be a great painting project to then display in your war gaming den. Perfect for fans of the show and books.

What of this new wave would you pick up?