Evil Dwarves from Titan Wargames

December 29, 2010 by beerogre

Hi gang,

Hopefully people are enjoying the new Khaos Dwarf rules for Kings of War. However, if you just can’t get enough evil Dwarf action… goodness knows, Justin can’t… you should look no further than these offerings from Titan Wargames.

Titan Wargames Dwarves

Titan  may only have a small selection at the moment, but they have two really tasty looking sculpts coming up… and they’ve also promised us a range of Goblins!

I’m particularly taken with the female model armed with the blunderbus, as she’ll fit perfectly into my Searforge Commission army for Warmachine… I don’t know what she’ll be… but I just gotta have one!

Titan Wargames Dwarves

Titan Wargames Dwarves

I’m a sucker for Dwarves with guns I’m afraid… expecially little lady Dwarves.

BoW Andy

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