The Fallen Dwarfs of the North Appear at Anvil Industry

February 6, 2013 by dracs

Miniatures of the North have two new sets of minis which are now available from Anvil Industries, the Fallen Dwarfs and the Crowmantian Cultists.

First up check out Miniatures of the North’s take on evil dwarfs.

Miniatures of the North - Fallen Dwarf Command

Miniatures of the North - Fallen Dwarfs

As I have said before, everyone loves those evil little gits and these sculpts are not an exception. The have good level of detail and share the general aesthetic of evil dwarfs which makes them instantly recognisable. However, they also have a unique style to them which sets them apart from other such minis that are out there.

Then we have the Crowmantian Cultists.

Miniatures of the North - Crowmantian High Priest

Miniatures of the North - Crowmantian Cultists

I am sure that I am not alone in thinking that these would be perfect for Necromunda. Of course they would also make for nice alternatives to throw in amongst the other Chaos Cultists in a Chaos Space Marine army.

All in all I think these are some pretty good miniatures, but what do you think of them?