Fat Dragon Set Sail

July 28, 2011 by dracs

Fat Dragon have just released a new 28mm scale paper miniature fantasy sailing ship. The name this vessel The Sea Dragon. God bless all who sail in her.

Here’s what will be included in the Sea Dragon kit:

  • 28mm Sailing Ship with removable main deck
  • Boarding Plank
  • Cargo Crates
  • Ballistas
  • Raised and Lowered sails
  • Optional colour schemes
  • Water tiles
  • Anchor
  • Stern Castle with removable roof and interior

I am rather impressed with this kit and would really like to get my hands on it to see how it holds up. I think it would make a perfect piece of additional terrain, or even the setting for small scale games, of Cleava… I mean Cutlass or Freebooter’s Fate.