February Finds Morland Studios Dancing with the Fairies

February 4, 2014 by dracs

Morland Studios have announced the release of a sculpt that has previously only been available at conventions they attended, a beautiful piece named Elven Fairy Magic.

Elven Fairy Magic

Now this model is definitely a collector’s piece, being a 1/6th scale resin piece, based upon the artwork “Elven Fairy Magic” by Howard David Johnson.

Elven Fairy Magic Art

Normally on Beasts of War, we make a point of not mentioning the price, but I think it only fair that we do so in this case. The model is being sold for $135, meaning it is definitely not something you are going to be frittering your money on.

Rather, it is an excellent display piece for any fantasy fan looking for something to really show off their painting skills.

What is your opinion of this large scale model?

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