Fiendish Fabrications Get On Their Voodoo Hoodoo

May 31, 2012 by dracs

Fiendish Fabrications have released three Voodoo Loa called the Ghede onto the tabletop, ready to run around and wreak havoc, while drinking lots of rum and rubbing themselves with chilli?

Fiendish Fabrication - The Ghede

These cheerful chappies are the guardians of the graveyard, making sure no one is getting up again who shouldn’t be.

These minis could make for some fun voodoo themed skirmish or role playing scenarios. They might also be nice additions to an undead army, grave diggers driven insane and now joining the ranks of those they once interred. You could imagine the one with the spade in the front rank of a group of zombies.

What is your opinion of these? Be sure to leave us your thoughts on them below.

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