Figone Show off the Mighty Warriors Bugne and Tarnir

October 11, 2012 by brennon

Some fantastic miniatures are out for October via the folks over at Figone. Check out the ogre Bugne and a crazy flame haired man named Tarnir!


First up is Bugne who wouldn’t look out of place alongside the piratical ogres from Titan-Forge. I do enjoy his grim demeanor and the different little additions to give him that added bit of character. For example, the crab so delicately placed over his groin. I think a few of you will get the joke there!


Next up is Tarnir, somewhat of a Titan it would seem. His weapon does speak to him having just killed something fairly mighty and he is now turning it on another unfortunate foe. A great paint job sure puts this up there are a good looking piece.

Which is your favourite from these two new releases?

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